August 2020
This is a recurring piece we call Significant Figures, a monthly digest of important numbers hidden within our local news. Also, we totally didn’t rip this off from 538…

20,000 people commute from Ventura County and North SB County into the city

A recent civil Grand Jury report found that Santa Barbara city lacks leadership on enabling the building of affordable housing in our community. The median home price in Santa Barbara is $1.2M, so it’s unsurprising that so many people who work here have to live in more affordable surrounding areas.


$1.16B in loans to the 24th Congressional District

Rep. Salud Carbajal said the assistance to our district helped retain more than 158,000 jobs on the Central Coast.


91 page complaint in federal class-action lawsuit against SB County Jail

A settlement was reached in a federal class-action lawsuit filed alleging dangerous and unconstitutional conditions at the Santa Barbara County Jail, with the agreement calling for providing each inmate with a bed, clean clothes, other improvements, and a ban on “extreme isolation cells.”

Under the settlement, the county agreed to pay the plaintiffs’ attorneys $1,132,809 for reasonable fees and expenses.

Maybe the county jail is keeping us less safe and costing us MORE money than it’s worth to enable mass incarceration in SB County?


128% of normal rainfall in the 2019 crop year

The increased rainfall lead to a surge in agricultural production that allowed for a 5.1 percent increase in revenue from 2018. The county made more than $1.6B, which was mostly strawberry sales.

If Ag businesses are making so much money in our county, what is stopping them from protecting the essential farmworkers who are unable to work from home and don’t have access to proper PPE, social-distance enabled farm housing, and Cal OSHA standards being enforced in Spanish and indigenous languages?


7-0 vote to Educate vs Enforce State Street mask requirements

The Santa Barbara City Council voted to enable city officials to offer masks and education to folks who still haven’t got with the program on helping minimize the spread of coronavirus.

It’s probably a good thing that the Council didn’t enable SBPD to fine people because it’s predictable that local BIPOC would be disproportionally targeted. Just a friendly reminder to WEAR YOUR FUCKING MASK ON STATE STREET!


2 badass Young Dems taking the lead on racial justice in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Councilmembers and local Young Dems, Meagan Harmon and Alejandra Gutierrez, will take the lead on a first step toward creating a civilian police review board.

The two will facilitate the creation of a community commission who will guide the process of examining what type of review board the city ought to adopt [HINT: NOT THE TOOTHLESS AUDITOR-MONITOR MODEL OR INTERNAL REVIEW MODEL].

Reach out to let them know your thoughts!